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Replacing an old fuse board

If you have an old type fuse board, especially with re-wire able fuses, or you require additional capacity for further circuits or equipment then a new consumer unit (as it is known, or C.U.) is highly recommended. New electrical works must comply with the 18th Edition ammendment 2 of the IEE Wiring Regulations and so your new C.U. will certainly need to incorporate some form of RCDs and SPDs. RCDs provide a higher level of protection from electric shock in the event of a fault to earth by monitoring the flow of current in the supply (phase) & return (neutral) conductor. If the flow becomes unbalanced to a significant degree it means that current is flowing to earth through an unacceptable path and the RCD will cut the source of the supply usually within 0.2 seconds. Your new C.U. will also contain circuit breakers in some form. Circuit breakers are the replacement for the old fuses and have the advantage that they do not have to be repaired after they have disconnected the supply following a short circuit or an overload. Once the fault has been rectified they can simply be switched back on. Another advantage is that they cannot be repaired with the wrong size of fuse wire or indeed any old bit of wire that comes to hand!
Call P Kent Electrical Contractors, to upgrade your fuse board to a new consumer unit.


Prior to installing your new C.U. an assessment needs to be carried out to ensure that your installation is suitable for the new board. As the new board will be far more sensitive to any faults, these need to be identified and corrected before the changeover. The assessment generally takes around one hour for domestic premises. Once this is completed you will be informed of any remedial works, if any, that are required. We will also supply you with an estimate of the cost of such works and the cost for the replacement of the C.U.

Earthing upgrades

These are often required by companies that attend your property to install new or replacement equipment, for example gas meters, heating systems, cookers or washing machines. These can be straightforward or complicated and therefore require individual estimates.

Complete or Partial rewires

We are happy to supply advice and quotations for any degree of rewiring, whether it is for a cable that has become damaged or the whole house. It has often been found that in properties of a certain age and with lighting circuits installed before 1966 that the lighting circuit does not incorporate an earth wire (circuit protective conductor or CPC). If you have class 1 equipment installed, such as metal light fittings or switch plates, the addition of a CPC is essential. Without it there is a risk of electric shock under fault conditions. Under these circumstances it is often found that the socket circuits are in good or reasonable condition and, with a little remedial work, can be left in place. It is then possible to simply renew the lighting circuits.

Unfortunately, despite what some contractors will tell you, rewiring is probably one of the most disruptive things you will ever have done in your house. It is best when possible to carry it out when the premises are unoccupied or the occupants can be away for a while, though we appreciate that this is not always practical. It nearly always requires the lifting of carpets on the first floor and the cutting and lifting of floorboards. Sometimes this is also required on the ground floor. New cables are generally installed in tubes that are chased into your walls vertically from each accessory. The chase is usually 25mm deep and 25mm wide and is carried out using a special machine with dust extraction equipment attached that cuts two parallel lines in your walls. The area between the lines is then removed using manual or mechanical chisels. As well as the dust extraction equipment further protections is afforded with the use of numerous dust sheets and prompt clearing up following each chase. Repairs to the walls may be carried out by a contractor of your choice or we have professional builders that will work alongside our operatives and make good to the surfaces as we go along on agreement of costs. The walls are generally left with the paper (if any) stripped around 200mm from chases and accessories once they have been filled, our electricians for will have completed their job and then it's up to you.

The house can still be rewired with a bit less mess and rather than chasing out the walls we can simply install the cables in mini trunking. This will still however involves lifting carpets, floor boards and moving furniture. Mini trunking is a plastic box section that encloses the cables within. It comes in a white colour and is easily painted over once all the work is completed.
There are further colour options available but at a higher price than normal


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