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P Kent Electrical Contractors can install all types of electrical appliances and systems to the required standards set by Napit.

We are able to supply estimates for some minor works over the phone but generally a short visit is required, which is free and can be arranged to suit your requirements.


Heating, cooling, lighting or general power to your conservatory. We are more
than happy to pay a visit and supply a free quote for any requirements to your
new or existing conservatory.

New Build

Once you have your electrical layout drawing, contact us for a competitive quote on one property or 100. Or, for the independent house builder, we will be happy to help with the design and planning of your electrical installation. The building regulations have strict rules on the amounts of power points, the provision of low energy lighting, fire alarms systems and heights of equipment in new builds, amongst other things. We are happy to supply our best advice on these.

Electric Heating

For the replacement of one night storage heater or the installation of a complete new system, we are happy to help with the design and requirements and to help with liaison with your electricity supplier, if required. We can install supplies for under tile heating in bathrooms and kitchens, and carry out the tests at the respective stages of the installation as recommended by the manufacturer. We have also been called on to carry out repairs to under tile heating that has been damaged during tiling. (You just have to get someone to admit they know where the damage is). There are ways to pin point the area affected.

We also install supplies for new heating systems and instantaneous water heaters with all of the required certification and registration with local building control, where appropriate.

Smoke and Heat Alarms

Smoke alarms save lives and the types and amounts to fit depend on the individual property. It is a legal requirement to fit fire detection and alarm system in new or refurbished dwelling houses. We think it�s a good idea for all houses. We recommend mains powered alarms that have battery backup and are interconnected. We are happy to supply advice on your needs and to supply quotations for the work. We also have access to a design team for larger projects.

Garden Lighting and Power

Electrical works that are carried out in the garden, including supplies to pond pumps and low voltage lighting, nearly always come under Part P of the building regulations as the garden is considered to have a increased risk of electric shock due to the combination of electricity and water. Such works must be registered with local building control prior to work commencing unless you intend to have the work carried out by a company registered with a competent person scheme - such as ourselves, your electricians for Bath and Bristol - and
who are able to self certify their work on completion. We are one such company and are registered with the Napit domestic installer�s scheme. We are happy to supply advice and quotations for such works, and also to supply appropriate exterior equipment.


If you are looking for ideas or are ready to buy new light fittings you may find the links below of use. We can install any lighting to your requirements and the required standards.

Extra Power and Lighting Points

We are happy to install additional power and lighting points following a brief assessment to ensure the existing supply is suitable. We are always happy to visit and to provide a firm quotation.


The bathroom is considered to be an area of increased risk of electric shock due to the combination of water and electricity, and is another area that comes under Part P of the building regulations. All electrical works in such an area must be registered with building control unless you use an approved
contractor that is able to self certify their work on completion. There are a few factors to be considered when installing an electric shower, the first is whether the existing Consumer unit has sufficient spare capacity, whether it is able to carry the increased load of the shower and if RCD protection is available. As a new installation the works will come under the 18th Edition of the Building Regulations and further works may become necessary. For example any other electrical equipment in the bathroom will need to be RCD protected, the main bonding in the premises
may need to be upgraded and the consumer unit may need to be upgraded (sometimes even if it is only a few years old). Free advice and quotations are available.

Extensions and Loft conversions
 We are happy to provide free quotations for the electrical work involved in your extension or loft conversion and will provide help and advise if required. We are happy to contract to the person having the works carried out or to the builder direct. We have a wide range of experience in this area and pride ourselves that we go about each task in a professional and workmanlike way.

Security Lights

A wide range of security lights and controllers are available and we are happy to advise on the suitability, and to provide estimates for the supply and installation or simply for the installation if you prefer to get your own.

Kitchen Refits

With so much electrical equipment in kitchens switches and sockets often form a large part of the backdrop to your new kitchen and need to be installed correctly and at the right spacing and height to suit your design. The kitchen is another area that comes under Part P of the building regulations due to the mixture of electricity and water, and all works need to be notified to building control prior to electrical work being undertaken, unless you use a company registered with a competent person scheme such as the Napit domestic installer scheme, who is able to self certify their work on completion. The usual courses of events with a kitchen refit are:
1. Electrician arrives and removes\makes safe any electrical equipment on the existing kitchen and assess the existing wiring for its suitability for the new layout.
2. Old kitchen is removed.
3. Electrician installs all new wiring to position as agreed to suit new layout and equipment, including chasing of walls where necessary.
4. Repairs are carried out to plasterwork.
5. New kitchen is installed and tiling completed where applicable.
6. Electrician carries out second fix of switches; sockets etc and connects appliances as required.
7. All necessary testing and inspection is carried out, installation certificates are issued to customer and work is registered with local building control.

Electrics for your new kitchen is as easy as that!


Free advice is always available (within reason) over the phone or by email.

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